Tuesday, November 18, 2014

You don't need to be rich to give.

A story of a woman living in a rental flat with public assistance allowing a homeless man to sleep in her house is very heart warming.

There is always a misconception of selfish people to believe that you need to be rich in order to give, but how does one consider themselves rich?

This lady in a wheelchair living with public assistance gave a safe space for a homeless man to sleep. Her action speaks a lot and puts a lot of us to shame as we just think of the negative things.

The reply from the government is also very disturbing.

HDB says...
"HDB rental flats are heavily subsidised and meant for needy families without other housing options and family support.
"Therefore, only tenants and authorised occupiers are allowed to occupy the rental flats.
"Subletting of rental flats is not allowed, and will be investigated.
"Some of these needy cases (of individuals living in an interim place) may have deeper underlying personal and social issues, which extend beyond housing.
"If HDB is alerted to such cases, we will work with the relevant social and government agencies to see how we can extend more holistic assistance to them."

So are they going to take action on people allowing homeless people to live in their homes?

-- Iron Bowl

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