Thursday, February 5, 2015

Human Inadequacies

Knowledge both saved us and burdened us.
Experience may help us in may ways, but also make us fear new ways of doing things.
Planning may help us accomplish many things while avoiding problems, however, over planning is the main reason for "failure to launch"
Eagerness to help may sound noble, but too much aid may result in more harm than good.

From medicine to finance, business to government, the world we live in is not as simple as it seems as many problems faced may not be solved by only apply one discipline of knowledge but diverse knowledge is required to understand the root cause.

With the Internet, we all have stupid amounts of information (and misinformation) on our finger tips. Putting this knowledge in the hands of experienced, competent and hardworking people, we have accomplished much, yet failures are common, persistent -- sometimes frustrating and demoralizing.

We live in a world of extreme complexities. Many things are intertwined. High school drop outs may not be just an education problem, as homeless kids will most likely drop out of schools. Over legislation tends to try to sweep the underlying problems further and when the problem arise again, it will only come with increased intensity and magnitude.

We need to recognize that we are humans, and we have egos -- egos which may get in the way of making the best of choices. Even the best of intentions may fail

The snake trying to save the drowning fish may think it is doing the fish a favor by bringing it out of the water.

Though meeting many people, trying out many different solutions and perspectives, I've came to understand the simplicity, complexity and duplicity of many problems, and I hope to share my experience with some anecdotes and stories. Some may apply to you and if you relate to them, please share, comment and discuss.

-- Robin Low

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