Monday, April 6, 2015

CSR came out of a necessity

I was involved much in Social Media in 2008, and got into more public relations and social projects. As I did some consulting for various corporates on crisis management, from the things I read, the things I learn and the cases that I work on, I realized that CSR like participating in Social Media was a necessity.

In the digital environment today, It was critical for an organization to have social media engagement. The public is already on social networks. The Internet gave the public a voice to share about the things they care about. And with this fast hyper-connected world, the public also want a quick channel for customer feedback.

When there is a problem, when a person cannot find any ways to resolve their problem, they will try to look for a Twitter account, Facebook page to inform the brand of the problem. This is the lucky bit because the brand gets notified of the problem fast before it becomes a crisis.

When you have a Facebook page or Twitter account to engage fans, the problem if its user generated gets resolved fast from other fans as well. And when a fake complains come in, the brand's reputation can be protected as well.

The goal of the CSR may be to explore issues and increase understanding of the linkages between business ethics, the community and the business activities, however, from many case studies that show that a brand with a good reputation tend to recover from a crisis faster, it is important for brands to build a good reputation through CSR.

“88% of consumers said they were more likely to buy from a company that supports and engages in activities to improve society.
- Better Business Journey, UK Small Business Consortium

For big brands, having a good CSR program can bring in more sale, retain talents, differentiate from competitors and much more. Its not only good, but it is actually essential.

However, CSR needs to be managed wall and I'll be talking more on it in my next posts.

-- Robin Low

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