Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Short Social Fiction: Adventures of Tupi 22

Tupi, a capybara who had never done a day of camping in his life visited a camping store. "Well, if I were to visit a disaster area, maybe I need to be self sufficient." Tupi looked at various solar chargers and other wilderness equipment. "I need to try some of these..."

"What is a lifestraw?" Tupi muttered as he looked at the packaging. "What is MRE?" Tupi decided to buy them and try. He believes may need to use it in the field, so he should familiarize himself.

"N95 dust mask..." Tupi said. "I have some because of the haze... Maybe I should bring batteries, a tool kit, duct tape, first aid kit and a whistle." Tupi was a very good manager and being in Singapore for so many years allowed him to be "kiasu" -- "afraid to lose" and he likes to be prepared well.

Tupi went home to pack. Looking at the items he bought, he was proud of himself. "Hey, I created my own apocalypse kit!" Tupi packed his portable solar panel, powerbank, flashlight, lifestraw, MRE, N95 mask, Antibacterial, deodorizing nanotech socks and underwear. Then he placed his writing pad, duct tape, permanent marker, knife and toolkit in a small tool box. "To save space, I need to use more multi-tools..." Tupi muttered.

Tupi packed his emergency kit and took a pack of MRE and tried it for dinner. "This this is rather expensive." Tupi said as he opened his 12 pack of MRE which he bought for $100. Tupi poured some water and the rations heat up. "This is kinda neat..."

Tupi tested the life straw. He poured a cup of water and drank through the straw. "This sucks... " Tupi sucked and sucked but no water came out. "Why does this not work?" Tupi tested it with various cups and bowls, and nothing. Finally, he read the instructions and saw -- "Submerge before use". Tupi slapped his forehead and squeaked. "Should have read the instructions first!"

Tupi had a pack of MRE for dinner, it comes with a drink and dessert. "Does not taste half bad..." Tupi said. "But if I have access to hot water, a bowl of cup noodles would be easier and cheaper..."

Tupi took out his notebook and looked at the various recipe he recorded. "Well, I got to try cooking some of these too, and see if I can make my own ration for emergency use.

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