Monday, January 8, 2018

Short Social Fiction: Adventures of Tupi 29

Tupi was woken up the next morning by a phone call. "Can you come to the airport at 8am? The flight will be ready for take off at 10am."

Tupi quickly packed his things and informed Justin. "My flight is confirmed." Tupi said. "But I'll be back in a week to help out again." Tupi was concerned, experiencing a disaster really changes a person's perspective.

Tupi did not want to leave, but was not sure how more to help. Many of his assumptions seemed to be bad, and even hoarding supplies before a disaster may harm neighbors who need them but have no time to get them in advance. There was a lot going on for Tupi emotionally, and Tupi did not want to think about it.

He quickly packed and Justin drove him to the airport where he saw many travelers still stranded, awaiting their flight. Tupi checked in his big luggage of supplies and hugged Justin. "I'll be back to help out, thanks for everything."

Tupi called Alex in Haiti. "Hey Alex, I'm coming over, the airport is open again and I just checked in the luggage. See you at the airport!"

Tupi had a strong internal struggle with his feelings. He felt like he needed to stay and help, but also his mission was to go to Haiti, and he wanted to just leave. Well, the plane tickets are booked and everything is set and he just had to keep calm and carry on.

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