Monday, June 19, 2017

Short Social Fiction: Adventures of Tupi 1


Tupi -- An International Capybara just read about Social Entrepreneurship. Recently retrenched from his boring job, Tupi thought he needed a change for the better. He loves to challenge himself and apply his creativity to create solutions, but have always been afraid to step outside his comfort zone. He had the same routine everyday for the past 15 years -- wake up, wash up, go to work - drive back from work, answer emails, watch TV, clean house and go to bed. On the weekends, he would do laundry, work on his model car, go to supermarket, and sometimes watch a movie with friends.

His routine got predictable. 2 eggs, toast and coffee for breakfast, milkshake and protein bar for lunch and some form of rice or pasta dish for dinner. His commute never changed. 7:30am subway train to work, 7pm rush hour jam to get home. His experiences were so consistent that even his expenses was almost identical every month.

(Day 1 out of work)

Tupi woke up as usual, cleaned up and before leaving the house, he had a sudden realization that there was no work to go to. He sat on his dining table and looked around. The house was neat and nothing needed replacement or repairs. The garbage was thrown, laundry done and all the errands were completed over the weekend. He took a deep breadth and sighed. "What should I do today?" he muttered. He looked at the clock - 7:15am, and thought, "Maybe I should take a short nap?"

Lying in bed, Tupi was restless. He wanted to do something and could not figured out what. Looking at his clock - 7:18am, but it felt like an hour. Tupi could not rest and decided to go out, but sitting at his table, he could not decide on what to do. Looking at his mail, an envelop dropped out. Tupi opened it and saw a thank you note from an organization where he donated some money to in Indonesia. Looking at the photo of the card, the villagers seemed to live in a very nice and green environment.Tupi smiled and decided to start his computer to perhaps look for a new job.

Looking at his notebook, it was stored properly in the drawer of his desk. It could not be powered on, but the power cables were neatly stored in the same drawer. Tupi turned on the power and started the notebook. Tupi went to get a cup of water and when he was back, the computer was still loading. The machine was old, when Tupi had his job, he never needed to use his personal laptop. "Perhaps I should get a new machine." Tupi's face lit up, finally, there was a task which needed to be done.


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