Friday, July 14, 2017

Short Social Fiction: Adventures of Tupi 5

(Day 15)

After the drinking and party the night before, the group met up for breakfast again and left for the village. Everyone looked tired and the bus ride to the village was quiet. Some of the volunteers had to run classes for the students and Tupi went to the water tank. The contractors were already fitting the pipes and within the hour, the water tank was starting to be filled up.

Tupi helped with the installation of the filters and was impressed that the filters seemed relatively well made. As they put up the filters and run the pipes through, there was a cracking sound and the cement base of the water tank started to crack.

"Is this normal?" Tupi asked.

"Don't worry, we will put another layer..." One of the construction worker said.

"Isn't this the foundation?" Tupi asked.

"This is just top... its ok..." The man said.

The construction workers connected the pipes to the filters and the filters were active. The first bit of water was allowed to flow out and Tupi could already see the clear water and was very excited that he contributed to this.

The construction workers then added another layer of cement to cover the cracks. Tupi was a little concerned that they were covering up the proof of an unstable base but from years of corporate training, speaking up was something he suppressed to stay in corporate Singapore. 


After allowing the water to run through the pipes for 15 minutes, the guide came by and looked at the project and chatted with the workers. Tupi sat under the tree and enjoyed the breeze. Soon it was lunch time and everyone given a glass of filtered water. Tupi felt accomplished as the water was clear and free from smells. 

The bell rang and the school had the recess and all the kids came out and ran to meet everyone at the water filter. The kids queued up to drink and they seemed very satisfied with the water and the ecstacy on their faces when they drank the water was indeed priceless. This moment made the whole trip worth it. 

Tupi took out his camera and took some photos of the new filter and the children in the school. Michael came by and took a photo of a kid bring Tupi a cup of water. The task was over -- mission complete. 

Over the next few hours, the group visited the popular tourist spots and they had a nice seafood dinner. When Tupi returned to his bed late night, he was tired but happy. He felt he has accomplished something and this experience will stay with him forever.

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