Saturday, July 29, 2017

Short Social Fiction: Adventures of Tupi 6

(Day 23)

The time Tupi spent in Bali is finally coming to an end. Tupi met many new friends and visited a lot of different areas in Bali. Christopher is one of his new friends. Christopher has been volunteering for many organizations, and most of them in constructing and building for marginalized communities.

"So Christopher, since you have been to so many trips before, is this trip considered normal?" Tupi asked.

"What do you mean?" Christopher asked.

"You know, this feels like a tour. We did not even do much in the village..." 

"Well, we paid for the filter, taught the kids English. Without us, they would not have clean water."

"Why were we here for 10 days when it took 2 days for the water tower to be built. Will it even last long?" 

"Well, we did pay for contractors to come prepare the location before we come, that is why things are much faster. Sometime we have to do most of the work. I think the water tower and filter looks good. Anyway, we are not the one using, so why bother?"

Tupi paused for a while and said "Why does it feel like a tour?"

"I don't think people who come want to suffer. It has to be enjoyable and since we are in the country, why not sight see and learn more about the community?"

Christopher was right. It was an enjoyable vacation, and certainly Tupi did not sign up to suffer. Everything was paid for, and although the bulk of the money went to visiting the various sites and possibly accommodations and meals, there would not be a water filter if it were not for the group.

"I think this is kind of fun." Tupi said. "I'd like to do more, and Christopher, if you have some that are more challenging, please call me, maybe I'd like to come along as well."

They arrived at the airport and it was a rather uneventful flight back. Tupi smiled, he has done something good and it felt good.

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