Thursday, October 12, 2017

Short Social Fiction: Adventures of Tupi 14

In the Orphanage, there were 2 kinds of volunteers, the foreigners who pay to stay and teach the kids, and the locals who come once in a while to support in some activities. Tupi decided to speak to the latter group as new visitors arrive and the children greeted them the same way as Tupi was greeted.

Tupi spoke to some of them through a translator who was also a volunteer. The local volunteers speak Tamil, unlike the other Sri Lankans who spoke Sinhalese. Tupi found out that all the local volunteers also have adopted some orphans before and he was really impressed with them and decided to try to know them better.

One of the ladies, Pooja, aged 26, had already adopted her first kid. She volunteers 3 times and week for a few hours each time. She adopted a 5 year old boy who is now 6 years old and when the boy is in school, she comes by to volunteer and take care of some of the orphans. At such a young age of 26, Pooja has already decided to adopt another girl this year, and another one the following year. 

"Wow, one each year. This is such a great thing that you are doing. What motivates you to do such a thing?" Tupi asked and Pooja shrugged. "Do are doing such a good thing..." Tupi said.

The translator shared with Tupi that many of the local volunteers were volunteering and all of them had plans to adopt. Some had adopted a few children already. Tupi was amazed to find such wonderful volunteers at the orphanage and wanted to learn more as Tupi did not even have the courage to adopt a pet from the local animal shelter.

That night, Tupi tried to sleep but stayed up all night thinking about the wonderful people he had met. Many of them were young like Pooja, but doing such great impact by volunteering and adopting  -- something he probably could not even think about doing as it was a great responsibilities. At times, Tupi felt like he had not accomplished anything, and the volunteers whom he just met had inspired him to do more. He found more motivation and drive and laying on his back, he looked out the window and the sky was turning blue. "Wow, time flies!"

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