Monday, October 16, 2017

Short Social Fiction: Adventures of Tupi 15

Tupi met up with the foreign volunteers. Many of them were students who were passionate about service learning. Tupi saw their interaction with the kids, the kids seemed to all want the attention of the volunteers a lot. Tupi felt that the engagement was quite strange but all the kids seemed to be on the best of their behaviors.

Tupi decided that he should do more, and as he saw some local volunteers come, he decided that he could at least buy lunch for everyone. Tupi ordered some pizza for everyone and the food arrived within 30 minutes. However, it did not turn out as planned. Most of the local volunteers were vegetarian and half his pizza had ham, some of the volunteers had already taken their meals before coming and there was also food prepared.

Tupi felt really stupid as his good intentions went to waste, but decided to get everyone, including Jenny, the foreign volunteers and the kids to help finish the pizza. Well, at least Tupi learned a good lesson today, always consult the people you want to give things to before you buy it.


Tupi spent some time with the local volunteers cleaning up the place and preparing for dinner. Tupi chatted with them and through his communications, he got to know the local volunteers better. Many of them have adopted from the orphanage and are planning to adopt more children.

"Do you know who are are going to adopt?" Tupi asked a lady and she pointed at one of the young girls at art class. "So everyone of you know who you want to bring home? Why are you still waiting?" Tupi asked.

Through the translation and various interpretation, the volunteers told Tupi that they were poor and the orphanage would provide free food so the kids can grow up healthy. They would adopt the kids when the kids turn 5 years old.

Tupi thought to himself, "Why would you adopt more kids if you were so poor." Tupi felt bad for thinking that and decided to keep quiet now.

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