Sunday, February 4, 2018

Short Social Fiction: Adventures of Tupi 32

The traffic in Port-au-Prince was horrible. The car was barely moving and impatient drivers drive on the wrong side of the road causing massive traffic jams. Many of the roads were very narrow and the driver was very good at avoiding random pedestrians running across the roads in front of the cars.

Tupi finally arrived at the school on top of a hill in the evening. There was many people sitting in a circle beneath a tree watching a kids choir sing. Tupi stood there and watched and the kids could really sing well. There was a slight breeze and Tupi could see some animals on the side of the hill across the valley.

"This view is so good." Tupi said. "Compared to 10 minutes ago, the city with the bad traffic seems like a horrible place. Road were bad and pedestrians are just running across the road without warning, but this place... It looks like a paradise."

Tupi sat under the tree and watch the beautiful sun set. The sky turned purple as the sun slowly set in the horizon.

"People from this village come to the school often to see what the kids have learned. There are also discussion on various opportunities, problems and other news that affects the village. Generally it is well attended." Alex says. "We have created a nexus for the village to converge and focus on their future."

"That is amazing." Tupi said.

"We want to help Haiti change thorough education." Alex said. "Ok, lets go to dinner now."

Tupi was very impressed with what he saw. This organization seems to be doing something right for the villagers to engage with their children and care about the community. Tupi's perception on poor communities is usually one of the people putting one another down, making no progress. Watching the community support their kids and work on solutions together gives Tupi hope that change can happen thorough education.

"Oh wait, I have something for you." Tupi said as he brought out some solar kits and MRE and life straws.

"We have safe water here." Alex said. "We don't have nice ponds and streams to use lifestraw here... Thanks for the solar kits, we can definitely use them here, and as for the MRE, perhaps you need it more when you go back to Florida?"

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