Friday, February 9, 2018

Short Social Fiction: Adventures of Tupi 33

Tupi woke up the next morning to the crows of a rooster. "Damn, 5:30am cock..." Tupi grumbled and as the rooster does not seem to want to stop, Tupi washed his face and clean up. After some unpacking, Tupi walked outside and saw the sky slowly turning blue. Tupi went outside and it was rather chilly, and Tupi put on a jacket.

As the sky got brighter, Tupi could see more of the surroundings around him. "Wow, its kinda nice up here, and we are really high up." Tupi said as he looked down on the hill. The view was very interesting with shadows in the valleys and the various trees slowly getting illuminated. As the sun slowly appeared, the lush greenery became visible. "I keep hearing stories that there are no trees in Haiti, and I guess they are all false."

"Kijan ou ye?" a voice said.

Tupi turned around and saw a 10 year old boy. "Oh hi, I don't understand what you are saying."

"How are you... " The boy said. 

"I'd good!" Tupi replied. "Good morning!"

"Bonjour." The boy said. 

"Bonjour." Tupi replied. "Wow, I learned a new word today, thank you!"


Tupi walked around and he saw some of the villagers up and about early in the morning. "Its just slightly after 6am and people are already up." Tupi said.

"Slept well?" Alex asked as he approached Tupi.

"Wow, you are up so early?" Tupi asked.

"Yeah, usually around this time." Alex said. "Sorry, I did not have time to explain how to use the toilets. We don't have sewage system here, and we use composting toilets. When you poop, use water to wash and throw some leaves on the poop. There is no toilet paper in this system."

"Wow, thanks." Tupi said. "I've not used such a toilet before."

"We do not have the luxury to turn on the tap and get water. We do collect some rain water, filter it for cleaning, but we do truck up most of our other water as well." Alex said and showed Tupi around the toilet. "Make sure you use soap to wash your hands after using the toilet."

Tupi has never used a composting toilet before and all these experiences are new to him. "This is very interesting. Thanks for sharing." Tupi said and tried using the toilet.

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