Thursday, September 14, 2017

Short Social Fiction: Adventures of Tupi 8

It took some time for Tupi to pack and clean up the house just to leave again just as Tupi was getting used to his bed again. In the 2 days of preparation, Tupi share about his intention to travel again and many of his friends supported him and even donated some stationary and toys for him to bring to the orphanage. Then Tupi received a phone call from Ramasamy, an Indian friend who happened to be working in Sri Lanka.

"Hey, heard you are coming to Sri Lanka, lets catch up!" Ramasamy said on the phone. "I may be able to take some time off to join you as well."

"Wow, sounds great, how's it going?" Tupi asked. "It would be great to have you up there, I'm going to Jaffna..."

"I've not been to Jaffna, and I'm sure it will be great!" Ramasamy replied. "Let me know the dates and lets plan."

The conversation went on for a few more minutes and Tupi planned with Ramasamy on the dates to meet in Jaffna. Tupi then received several other phone calls from friends to catch up but he did not have much time to do so. After that Tupi was even more excited to go to Sri Lanka. He felt that he was on a mission with some donated gifts filling a whole luggage, Tupi took a cab to the airport. He even chatted with the Cab driver about his upcoming trip and his spirits was high.

Tupi continued to research Jaffna and other information on Sri Lanka. It was his first time there and he did not know what to expect.

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