Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Short Social Fiction: Adventures of Tupi 11

The drive to Jaffna was surprisingly nice, besides some traffic getting out of Colombo, everything else was relatively smooth. "Wow, that was not so bad..." Tupi said as the driver drove into Kandy.

"Usually, this will take longer, the traffic was lighter today." The driver said and he pulled to the side of the road.

"That golden roof building is the temple of the Buddha's tooth relic." Jenny said. "Sri Dalada Maligawa."

"That is a big temple..." Tupi said as he stepped out of the van. "That lake is nice too..."

"We have a Buddha's tooth temple in Singapore as well." Tupi said. "Well, I guess Buddha has lots of teeth."

"You can't come to Sri Lanka without coming here." Jenny said. "This is Kandy, and this temple is kinda a touristy thing to visit. You have about 30 mins, then we need to go to the hotel and have dinner."


It was a rush to walk through the temple and museums nearby in 30 mins, but Tupi was not really interested in being a tourist, but would rather just take some photos to say he was here. Tupi took slightly longer than 30 mins and eventually returned to the van again.

"There is a lot to see, lots of worshipers in the way..." Tupi said as he returned to the van and the van drove off. On the route, Tupi felt really tired and took a short nap.


"We're here!" Jenny said and Tupi opened his eyes and it was another very nice hotel.

"Kandalama Lake Resort?" Tupi muttered and looked around. It was a very beautiful hotel and they checked into the nice luxurious rooms.

"You must be tired from all that travel." Jenny said. "Well, we are having dinner here, and you can rest for the night. We will leave early tomorrow for a stop at Dambulla before another long ride to the orphanage."

Tupi nodded and was still amazed at how nice this hotel was.

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