Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Short Social Fiction: Adventures of Tupi 24

Alex has arranged Tupi to meet a few of his friends from America who are coming to visit Port-au-Prince, Tupi had a long flight, Singapore - London - Miami - Santo Domingo. This was the shortest flight which would exceed 36 hours in total. Then there was a 7 hour bus ride. This would probably be the longest trip in his life, but at least, he would meet the Americans in Miami before going to Santo Domingo.

Tupi informed his friends about his trip and he received plenty of phone calls and friends who wanted to meet up and pass him things to bring to Haiti. Some wanted to give Tupi canned food, others wanted to give some old clothes. Tupi was overwhelmed with meetings and as he collected more donations, he decided to meet them closer to his home as he would have to carry it home and pack. Tupi requested for stationary and did not realize that it could be so heavy until he started packing.

"Oh my, books can be so heavy." Tupi said as he weighed his luggage. Tupi had already a luggage full of solar lamps, water filters and other wilderness survival kits. "Oh well, lets see what I can bring."

The canned food was the first to be removed from the luggage. It was bulky and heavy. Next, bottled water was taken out. It took a long time to pack and Tupi got what he thinks he needed. Of course, when he finally arrived at the airport, his luggage was overweight and he had to pay excess luggage charges.

Then the long flight began. Tupi had a good idea of what he wanted to read, videos he wanted to watch, but once he got on the 6am plane, he fell asleep and did not want any meals. The long and horrible trip that sounded bad passed quickly and before he read anything, he was already in Florida.

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