Thursday, December 28, 2017

Short Social Fiction: Adventures of Tupi 25

Tupi met up with some of his ex-colleagues and classmates at the airport for dinner.

"Did you hear about the hurricane that is coming?" Joe asked Tupi.

"Hurricane? Coming here?" Tupi asked.

"Yes, that is why all flights are cancelled tomorrow." Joe said. "Probably a Cat 3 as well."

"What's a Cat 3?" Tupi asked. "Is it dangerous?"

"It can be, " Joe said. "110 mph winds can do much destruction... Trees get uprooted, powers lines go down... It will come and go, but rain the whole day... Sometimes the strong winds will miss your area."

After dinner, Tupi and his friends went to a large Supermarket to buy groceries for the oncoming storm. The rain has already started and the parking lot was full. Tupi entered the large Walmart and was shocked at the selection of the products there.

"You can buy guns here?" Tupi asked.

"Sure, why not? This is Walmart!" Justin said.

As they walked around Walmart, Tupi saw a lot of people and the food shelves were empty. "How long were people expecting the shops to be closed?" Tupi asked.

"One day?" Justin said. "Usually, the day of the emergency, everything is closed, schools, banks and government services. But within hours, the strong winds and rain will go away."

"One day, and there is no more meat, vegetables or fruits?" Tupi asked. "I thought only Singaporeans have the scarcity mindset... Kiasu."

"Sadly, Americans are like that too." Justin said shaking his head. "Once the emergency is declared, people just come and empty out the stores, whether they need it or not."

"Good thing I already have some supplies in my luggage." Tupi said. "Just need to shop more for myself I guess." Tupi went and picked up some sad looking apples, and dented containers of fruit juice. "Wow, really nothing much left."

Tupi checked on his flight and it was cancelled. He decided to take up with offer from Justin to stay over at Justin's house until his next flight. Tupi bought a cart full of supplies even though the hurricane should be over in a day, because the Singapore training made him willing to be more prepared than sorry.

Justin lived in a big house with a 2 car garage. The windows were all shuttered and secured. There was also a generator in the garage and it seemed relatively sturdy, and the house also had a fully furnished basement just in case the wind was too strong. Tupi had never been in a hurricane, but the winds was picking up but he felt much secure in the house.

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