Saturday, December 30, 2017

Short Social Fiction: Adventures of Tupi 26

The wind started picking up and the house started vibrating. Things can be heard getting smashed outside and the howls of the wind is starting to make Tupi very nervous. Then the lights went out and Justin went to the basement to start the generator.

"Hey, if everyone is scared. Lets go to the basement." Justin said. "It has TV, lights and food."

After the door was shut, the sounds from outside was greatly reduced. The walls were not vibrating and there was a scented candle and some biscuits out. Everyone one had some biscuits and milk before snuggling in their sleeping bags. Justin played some soft music and everyone took a short nap to wait out the hurricane.


A few hours later, the sounds of the wind has stopped. It was interesting to hear silence for once and the door to the basement was opened and Justin went upstairs. "Everything is ok..." Justin shouted and Tupi opened his eyes and got up the stairs. Everything was untouched. A few pictures on the walls were tilted, but otherwise nothing changed. With the generators off, the house was in darkness again, and Justin said, "Power is still out."


Tupi removed the shutters and he was shocked. There was a sailboat, on the flooded lawn outside -- in the beautiful morning sun. 

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