Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Its time for Nepal Recovery.

The Nepal Earthquake in April 25 and another big one just weeks apart has left a big trail of disaster. In all, more than 8,600 people died and thousands were left homeless. The future looks bleak to many of them as aid and relief is slow to come and besides losing their homes, many lost their jobs.

The International Response is weak compared to other disasters, and one of the reasons is due to the lack of business interaction between Nepal and other countries. In most disaster relief, the support for donation and aid is spearheaded by businesses and it makes business sense to help business partners recover, but in this land locked nation surrounded by mountains, they do not have much dealings with other countries.

There was a good response during the search and rescue, but the job is not done then. Recovery is like a marathon, and the search and rescue is just the initial phase, and there is still a long way to recovery.

I've written several articles on disaster recovery and relief.

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What you can do to help Nepal's recovery

The recovery phase is usually forgotten and not supported. Like the Rohingya crisis, Nepal is at the point of inflection. With enough aid, Nepal can be rebuilt stronger and more resilient. Businesses need to be supported to restart and the people can gain employment and get on with their lives.

Without support and with dwindling aid, the survivors will be turned into refugees, leaving their homes to search for jobs in other lands.

I plan to go to Nepal to support the business recovery and get more ground information from the ground. If you wish to support, I'm running a fundraiser here.

Sustainable Nepal Recovery (Nepal Earthquake 2015)

Lets show the survivors in Nepal that we care.

-- Robin Low

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