Sunday, August 6, 2017

Meeting Changemakers at the Klosters Forum

I'm in Klosters, Switzerland for the Klosters Forum. It is simply amazing to be here.

Being in a beautiful and peaceful place really does bring out your creativity and remove distractions. Its a great place to relax and focus on what is at hand.

There were so many interesting people. Amazing change makers in the room, all working on critical parts of the well being of Refugees. The stories that were shared were very moving and there were many insights which could be learned from people working in different regions.

There was also a talk on animal conservation, and it seems like the refugees, people living in poverty and other stakeholders should be included as there are a lot of difficulties faced which could be really solved through community engagement.

I've met many experts in the field and really humbled by their experiences and stories. I hope we can learn, collaborate and share with each other to do our work better.

Sadly, there are not much "free spaces" where groups can come and discuss without self censorships. And there some space for that to happen at this Forum. When it is critical, all options should be on the table regardless if it is politically right.

I presented the Relief 2.0 projects and our Civil Innovation Lab concept and was well received.

Many smaller groups are interested to work with us on our platform and hopefully we can work together to create value.

-- Robin Low

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