Sunday, September 17, 2017

Short Social Fiction: Adventures of Tupi 10

"Wow, I am going to Colombo!" Tupi exclaimed quietly. "Hurrah!" The airport was a little chaotic. It was a small airport where the arrival and departure was on the same level. A van was waiting for him outside and there was another driver in the van and the quickly left the airport and went on the highway.

"This highway looks pretty nice and new." Tupi said.

"Yes, this is almost 4 years old now machan." The driver said proudly. "Makes traveling fast. 30 mins to Colombo."

"Colombo is a a city not hard to miss, once you hit traffic, you've arrived." The driver said as they approached the toll booth.

Minutes later, there was traffic ahead. "See machan? Colombo is ahead."


Soon Tupi arrived at the Galle Face hotel and Jenny was there to meet him. "Ayubowan!" Jenny greeted Tupi and they went into the hotel to have lunch. "This is a very nice hotel..." Tupi said. "Looks like an old colonial building that is well maintained."

"Lets try some Sri Lankan food." Jenny said. "This are egg hoppers"

Egg hoppers look like a "crepe like bowl" with a soft boiled egg inside. A pinch of salt and pepper to add flavor.

"How do you eat this?" Tupi asked and a few other curries and dahl were placed on the table.

"With your hands... put some pol sambol and dahl then smush it." Jenny said and demonstrated it.

"What's this?" Tupi pointed to a disc made of rice noodles.

"String hoppers." Jenny said.

"This is nothing like the other hoppers." Tupi said. "Its not cooked in the pan thing, nor is it crispy..."

Jenny shrugged and they continued to enjoy the good meal. There was some other curries and sauces that went with the hoppers and Tupi tried them all. "Sri Lankan food is quite spicy..." Tupi said. "and everything you put these curries and sambol on is called a hopper..."


After lunch, tea was served and the tea tasted amazing. "wow, this is one of the best tea I've tried..." Tupi said.

"This is Sri Lanka." Jenny said. "If there is one thing they can do well, its tea."

The view from the restaurant was spectacular. They moved from the restaurant to the seating outside to enjoy the view of the sea. The sound of the breaking waves and the light sea breeze while sitting in the shade was very enjoyable and relaxing. "This... this you don't get in Singapore." Tupi said as he sipped his tea. "I like Sri Lanka already."

It was a long lunch and after that, the group went into the van and they started driving out of Colombo before the traffic gets worse.

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