Monday, January 22, 2018

Giving out food to the homeless, to give or not to give?

I've volunteered at food banks before, and helped prepare food for the homeless. There are actually courses you have to go through for food safety preparation before you can actually cook (otherwise you can always help chop vegetables, or serve, etc)

Even for catering, I've witnessed "expired" food given to volunteers at a National even causing food poisoning.

In supporting the vulnerable, I don't think preparing food and giving out on your own is a good idea. Sometime, the packaging, storage and other factors cannot be controlled and the food may have gone bad. I seriously doubt they can afford medical help these days, and you are only making the situation worse.

If you really want to help. Bring them to a food bank or soup kitchen. Donate to these places as they do have a safety standard to keep, and they do provide "safe" food.

I do think the cops should have given these people a warning and explain the importance of food handling and licenses.

I am opposed to give money to a pan handler as I've witnessed a friend give money to a homeless person, and an hour later, that homeless person was hit by a car with a bottle of booze in his hand. Please, go buy them a meal and sit and engage them in a conversation. Learn why they got into the situation and see how you can connect them to help.. or even ask google.

-- Robin Low

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