Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Short Social Fiction: Adventures of Tupi 35

Before sending Tupi off to the Airport at Santo Domingo, Alex stopped at a restaurant --Adrian Tropical -- for lunch before the flight. "I've not forgotten..." Alex said. Tupi looked at Alex and asked. "Mofongo?" Alex nodded and said. "You remembered its name."

"How can I ever forget?" Tupi said as they entered the restaurant. The restaurant looks rather fancy. It was by the beach and Tupi could order a drink that comes in a cup with an umbrella. "Sure, I'll have a Pina Colada... In a Tropical mood now. Help me order food. You know what I like."

Alex called the waiter and ordered food when he served the drinks. "Filete de Res y dos Mofongo."

Tupi chatted with Alex more about how he could help the organization more and information about the earthquakes and hurricanes that ravaged the land. However, Tupi was constantly distracted when the waiter brings the dishes for the other tables.

"Everything smells so good here." Tupi said. Then the waiter brought a small strip steak and 2 orders of Mofongo.

"This steak is not the regular thick one that we usually eat." Tupi said as he cut a small piece to try. "Oh my god... this is so flavorful and tender!"

"Thought you would love this..." Alex said. "The food here is generally good."

"The Mofongo is awesome!" Tupi said. "Wow, its better than the other place. This is perhaps now my favorite food."

Tupi was done with the meal pretty quick, and they took a Taxi to the airport. "Have a safe trip!" Alex said. "Bon Voyage!" They waved goodbye and Tupi was glad he came to the Dominican Republic and Haiti. This would probably be one of the most memorable trip thus far.

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