Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Relief B2V - Nepal Earthquake

The 2015 Nepal Earthquake is an unforgettable disaster for many. 14 districts were badly damaged, and villages like this one saw many buildings damaged. In Phulbari, Many villagers have their homes damaged and the school was also badly damaged.

Fortunately, donations were available to support the rebuilding of temporary buildings and within a month, the students were in schools again.

This community has a cooperative with over 200 farmers as members. The funds consolidated was able to allow them to fix the homes and patch up some.

As for now, the farmers who were already rather poor are ok as the earthquake did not destroy their crops. They would be more adversely affected if there was a drought.

I visited the village and shared with them my experience in Japan and wanted to see if I could support them in any way. They said they needed an ambulance. The reason: during the earthquake, they realized that no one had any way to transport the injured to the Hospital, and it was too far away.

After brainstorming and some discussions, they agreed that a van would serve the same purpose of transporting the injured, and yet be able to send their produce to the market.

But how would they be able to fund the van, especially after the earthquake when their homes are damaged?

Relief B2V

I recorded a video interviewing the villagers, asking 4 questions:

1) What happened during the earthquake?
2) What did you lose?
3) How much do you need?
4) What are you going to use the money for?

And currently I'm talking to the Fast Food Association and other F&B business association to see if they were interested in supporting this village.

I'm not asking for donation, but rather, a loan for the van, and in return, the villagers will pay back the loan with their produce, delivered to the restaurants.

There will be detailed contracts on harvest details and cost for each vegetable type.

This will allow the villager to get support they need, and the businesses that want to support to the villagers with something tangible, yet with a long term goal, of connecting the Cooperative in the village to the restaurants direct, hopefully allowing them to earn more (without the middleman) and the restaurants to know where their food is coming from.

Buy Local, Eat Local!

Please share with me if there are other villages which you can use similar ways to support and connect them with businesses.

-- Robin Low

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