Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Short Social Fiction: Adventures of Tupi 19

Tupi is back home and busy with bills and laundry. There was a stack of mail and other bills to sort out. After his laundry is in the washing machines and his mails are cleared, Tupi poured himself some whisky on rocks and sat back on his chair. "There is so much I don't know..." Tupi said and took out his phone and searched the Internet.

Tupi reached out to his camera and took out the finished roll of film. "Another roll of 36 to develop." Tupi said and sorted some of the tasks that needed to be done the next day.


Over the next few days, Tupi collected his severance pay check and deposited it in the bank. He paid all his bills and ran all his errands. Tupi started apply at suitable jobs and responding to many of his friends messages about his recent trips.

Tupi felt really good reading the positive responses to his trip and encouraged to do more.

"Hmm, Peace Boat?" Tupi muttered as he looked at some of his friend's profile. "Too expensive..."

"Africa? Hmmm..." Tupi looked through a few of his friend's profile about some of their projects, then checked on some news and related articles. "Too much conflicts."

"Latin America?" Tupi muttered. Various parts of Latin America looked very exciting. Tupi had never been so far before, and it did scare him a little but excites him as well. "Lets see who we can find."


Tupi messaged a few local groups in Singapore and checked out some of the local activities of supporting the homeless people or people living in poverty. There were surprisingly many groups on Facebook helping poor people in Singapore.

There was a group helping the senior cardboard collectors, giving them meals every day. "Wow, there are so many poor people and even homeless people in Singapore?" Tupi muttered. "What is the government going about this? Don't think they collect cardboard for exercise."

Tupi checked out the activities of the group and it seemed like just meeting the cardboard collectors and giving out food. "So many of them..." Tupi said as he saw many cardboard collectors. As he passed by Sungei Road, there was a old flea market that had been around for years. Tupi remembered coming here when he was young.

He looked at the people selling the items, many of them old and looked malnourished. Some have open wounds and does not seem to be treating the wounds. He did not make such observations before. "Are all of these people poor, and selling here because they cannot afford rent?" Tupi said and looked at some of the vintage items they were selling, most of the items were probably found in the trash and sold here so that the shop owners can have a next meal.

Tupi felt sad, poverty was also in his own country, but all he read about on the news is the millionaires and multi million dollar projects that the government want to build. Tupi walked around and saw all the tall buildings in the downtown area and a lot more construction going on. "Have all the people got left out in the name of progress?" Tupi muttered.

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