Thursday, October 26, 2017

Short Social Fiction: Adventures of Tupi 18

Tupi traveled back to Colombo to meet some friends. The trip was very long and Tupi left early in the morning and stopped once for lunch mid point in the journey. Upon reaching Colombo, Tupi was stuck in a traffic jam.

"This is school traffic, all the students are out from school now." The driver said.

Tupi was tired and simply took a nap. Finally, Tupi arrived in Colombo and he met several friends for dinner at the Palmyrah Restaurant where Tupi had Jaffna Crab Curry and his favorite hopper dishes again.

"I was just in Jaffna... and did not know this was a thing..." Tupi said and they laughed. Tupi enjoyed Jaffna Crab Curry, but he enjoyed the hoppers more. It was indeed a great Sri Lankan experience. After dinner, they had some drinks near the beach and Tupi was rushed off to take the red eye plane back to Singapore.

It was a nice trip and Tupi learned a lot from this experience. There were many moral questions he had left unanswered, but he was very excited to see where his next journey would be.

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